Tribal Management System

MBS Tribal Member Management System Overview (MBS TMS)

MBS TMS is a one-stop shop for all tribal member services.  The solution is web based for both back office member administrators along with a self-service portal for all tribal members to update information and apply for member related services.  MBS TMS serves as the single source for all tribal member information.  The system has been specifically designed to allow access for back office administrators or tribal members from any device (PC, tablet, mobile).  The modular design allows tribes to select the appropriate components for their specific tribal member services.  The following outlines the base solution features:

Tribal Member Self Service Portal:  Provides members with a simple and intuitive interface for maintaining their information. Members can update their addresses and contact information. They can submit request for legal name change, ID Cards, and other services offered by the tribe.  As member participation increases through the portal, back office staff will be freed up from some of the day to day maintenance of this data.

Member Only News: MBS TMS supports aggregation of multiple news feeds allowing several sources of news to be displayed to the user. The News page can pull items from a variety of Blogs, Facebook, and a private Member Only news feed.

Member Email Communication Management – Enable administrator’s ability to manage and automate Member email communications through the self-service portal module, including: System updates, profile updates, and general communication blasts.

Member Mailing List Generation:  Enable authorized staff to generate and export member addresses for mail merge. Features an intuitive screen for building a mailing list based on criteria such as: Age, Gender, Location, and a variety of other demographic data. The mail list can saved and edited for repeated use. The mailing list can then be exported to csv file of addresses for mail merge.

ID Cards:  Photo and Non-Photo ID cards will be printable through the system.  A customizable report/template will be generated for each client to create their specific ID card for printing on their id card printer hardware.

Reporting:  MBS TMS will offer a variety of reports from demographic reports, geo-location reports, and business process related reports.

Workflow:  Many requests made by members through the system require review and approval before they can be completed. MBS TMS supports this by using a customizable work flow that allows these request to be monitored and driven through a consistent business process. The work flow supports:

  • Checklists: a list of actions that must be marked as completed before the Request can be completed
  • Required Documentation: a list of documents that must be received before Request can be completed
  • Task Assignment: Request can be assigned to specific staff members.
  • Approvals: Each Request type can have 1 or more levels of approval required before completion.
  • Member visibility: Members can see the current status of request they have made using the Self Service Portal
  • Member Feedback: a Request can be sent back to a Member requesting additional information

Authentication: MBS TMS supports authentication using traditional enterprise authentications systems like Active Directory and LDAP as well as Social Sign-On using popular social platforms like: Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Security: The system uses Role based authorization to secure individual actions throughout the system.

Mobile Web – Responsive Design:  MBS TMS website design incorporates modern concepts and is built using Responsive Design to enable a positive user experience from any device regardless of the form factor.  Responsive design provides a mobile/tablet friendly option without having the need to develop and maintain specific mobile applications or separate mobile websites.  This technique utilizes graphic design, style sheet and coding elements to generate a layout which displays itself properly regardless of screen size.

Optional Modules: As your member services grow, MBS TMS easily expands with new services modules aligned with your tribal member needs including:

  • Housing
  • Energy
  • Member talent management
  • Others as defined by the tribe