Tax Management

Tax Revenue, Analytics and Process Management Software

We know your Agency’s ability to collect, manage and optimize various Tax Revenue channels depends on how well the underlying software supports your state’s unique tax processing and public service needs. Tax sources between states may be similar, but the underlying processes you apply are sure to be unique.

MBS builds custom software solutions to address the unique needs that State Revenue Departments face. Depending upon your current environment, we can add new functionality to existing tax systems, boost productivity through new composite interfaces, or build custom solution’s designed to grow with your evolving Tax processing requirements.

Our tax process expertise includes:

Excise Tax
-Sales and Use Tax
-Sales Tax (Licensed and Occasional)
-Consumer Use Tax
-Business Use Tax
-Vehicle Sales Tax

Mineral Tax
-Site Registration
-Severance Tax
-Gross Products Evaluation and Certification
-Revenue Distribution
-Returns Reconciliation

Cigarette Tax(Cigarette Stamping)
Contractor Registration, Tracking and Use Tax
Streamline Sales Tax Program (SSTP) Mineral Tax
Other Tobacco Products (OTP) Tax
Accounting and Payment Processing