Legacy System Modernization

Business Challenge:

As businesses evolve to adapt to the competitive landscape, existing business applications become outdated and not properly aligned with the required business processes. These legacy systems are considered to be potentially problematic for several reasons:

  1. Business Productivity
    • Lack of access to real time information having to wait for batch processing to complete
    • Lack of modern technologies with enhanced user interfaces providing rapid processing and access to information
    • Limited self service capabilities to better serve end customers
    • Disparate systems causing end users to maintain information in multiple systems
    • Inaccurate data impacting business decisions
  2. Expensive to Maintain
    • Legacy systems often run on old hardware and operating systems that are expensive to maintain and license
    • It is difficult and expensive to find and hire skilled labor with legacy system knowledge
  3. It is difficult to integrate with modern technologies causing end users to access and maintain information in multiple systems
  4. Difficult to replace with Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) due to unique business processes causing high customization cost and long term maintenance/enhancement costs with future COTS releases


MBS provides Custom Software Development services, through our proven, agile delivery methodology. We focus on rapidly delivering software solutions that meet and grow with your business demands.

Our software development professionals have cutting edge technical expertise as well as extensive business and industry knowledge. Our development teams include experts in requirements analysis, software architecture, design patterns, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), mobile devices, data conversion, and complex data modeling. By looking at business challenges from multiple perspectives, MBS knows how to solve the problem, not simply rearrange it.

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