Application Requirements Analysis

Business Challenge

As a business changes and evolves to maintain competitiveness and efficiencies within an organization, software applications need to be replaced or updated to properly support the new business processes.  Often organizations do not have the time to properly gather, organize, and document business application requirements.   IT departments are challenged to select or build the appropriate application without detailed requirements that are derived from the business users.


The MBS Joint Application Requirements (JAR) methodology is a technique for developing business systems requirements by practitioners.  It consists of workshops designed to bring system developers and users of varying backgrounds and opinions together in a productive and creative environment.  It remains a proven technique for building user commitment to the success of application systems through their active participation in the analysis of requirements and the specification of the system design.

Jar Jad


The MBS JAR process results in an application requirements and design set which encompasses the business, technical, and process needs of the client.  In addition, it is anticipated that the client will see additional benefits derived from the JAR sessions, including:

  • Alignment of the client business end-users processes with the future client systems
  • Stronger ownership, acceptance, and commitment to the new systems by the business users, with their participation and contribution to the system design
  • A unique education opportunity for the organization as its systems and processes are reviewed in their entirety
  • Documentation and validation, in a short time frame, of the business processes and application requirements, which will, in turn, reduce overall system development time and costs
  • Allowance of stakeholders to define their requirements, thus incorporating actual activities of the business into the system design, improving overall organization quality and productivity