IT Assessments

IT departments have many competing priorities and interests to address while constrained by limited funds.  For many organizations it is difficult to maintain expertise in all areas of IT in order to properly identify a roadmap for an overall IT strategy.  Many IT departments are just keeping up with day to day operations and unable to proactively align the strategy with business critical success factors.  There may also be competing priorities between:

  • Operations
  • Application development / enhancement / migration
  • Technology
  • Organization / staffing
  • Decision support / business intelligence / reporting, and security

An IT assessment matches an organization’s critical success factors and current state gap analysis with competing IT initiatives to layout an IT strategic plan, prioritizing and building a business case for critical initiatives.

The MBS IT Assessment Methodology examines IT across the following eight dimensions:

  • IT Strategy Alignment
  • Application Portfolio
  • Technology Portfolio
  • Operational Practices and Processes
  • Security Management
  • IT Organization and Competencies
  • Business Intelligence Readiness
  • IT Financial Management

MBS’ IT Assessment methodology is flexible in its scope, taking a wide-ranging view of all it aspects of a business to a focused analysis in one area.  By aligning the IT strategy with the business critical success factors, organizations can set forth an IT Plan based on the business plans.

IT Assessment Methodology Chart