Shareholders Management System

MBS has extensive process and organizational experience, developing core business applications designed specifically for the unique business, operational and technology needs of ANCSA corporations and villages. Today, our software and services are used to support over 39,000 Alaskan Native Tribal Shareholders.

Shareholder Management System (SMS) offers ANCSA corporations a fully integrated shareholder services management platform that combines:

  • Records management
  • Financial management
  • Self-Service Shareholder Web Support
  • Correspondence & communications
  • Elections and voting
  • Business rules architecture
  • Workflow management
  • Business reports

SMS is not another application you add to your shareholder management budget, it is the solution you use to get rid of the others.


How many tools and services do you use to find, manage, update and control:

  • Shareholder information
  • Stock certificate history
  • Dividend distributions
  • 1099 processing and printing
  • Account reconciliation
  • Election administration
  • Mailing list(s) handling
  • Document management

SMS manages, simplifies and integrates these processes, and more.


With SMS, your corporation can improve shareholder relationships and reduce costs, while providing exceptional service to the individuals who matter most to your organization – your shareholders.

Technology Details
SMS utilizes the latest Microsoft technologies including: .Net, SQL Server, and SharePoint.

Leveraging its Outlook-style interface, the application is intuitive and easy to use, allowing your shareholder management staff to become proficient and productive in a matter of days.