Self Service Portal Development

Business Challenge:

Websites which simply push information one way miss opportunities offered by two-way engagement with employees and customers.  In addition, businesses often have sensitive information in back-office systems which would be beneficial if it could be accessed in a securely controlled manner.

Self Service Portal Solution:

Self Service Portals expand web capabilities by allowing customers and employees to interact with a business and each other online.  Whether a business needs to expose back-end data in a secure manner or extend order taking and customer service into the office or living room, widening web presence beyond simple content is critical to modern business practice.

With proper implementation, organizations can quickly identify cost savings such as:

  • Back office productivity gains: Reduction in paperwork from electronic order processing and electronic document retrieval
  • Improved reliability of information versus manual processing: Transcription of voice communication and data entry of paper forms are examples of error prone processes that can be eliminated with a portal
  • Expand market reach: A growing segment of the population prefers online interactions and can be reached only by businesses offering these services
  • Increase customer engagement and loyalty: Two-way interactions with an organization give the end user a sense of ownership in the relationship