Mobile Business Applications

Business Challenge:

Ever squeezing margins mean organizations must analyze every facet, from administration to production to service for efficiency gains.  Data and interactions tied to the physical location of a desk potentially create waste or lost opportunities in an increasingly mobile connected world. 

Mobile Business Application Solution:

Businesses of every size can assess their operations and identify areas for improvement.  Areas such as time and attendance tracking, customer relationship management, logistics tracking, inventory tracking, risk and compliance checking and many others provide openings for efficiency gains. 

Some benefits of applying mobile applications to these areas are:

  • Less paperwork:  Employees and customers can enter data via mobile device reducing the handling, filing and eventual disposal of paperwork
  • Increased productivity:  Employees untethered from their desk can perform tasks where the work makes the most sense, be it at a customer location, in a warehouse or any remote location
  • Increased customer and employee satisfaction:  Close frustrating information gaps by putting the information right into the hands of customers and employees
  • Better responsiveness: Customers and employees expect a responsive environment which can be created by allowing interaction from their mobile device