Data Migration and Conversion

As technology and applications change, data remains the core of the information needed within the application. In order to properly migrate to new technology, data must be evaluated, verified and transformed to work in new systems. Without a sound methodology and strong business understanding of the data, conversions can prove costly both short and long term due to improper transformation. MBS specializes in providing an independent migration/transformation solution that incorporates business analysis, technical expertise, and quality controls to ensure data is properly converted/migrated to the target system. Our methodology provides a systematic, collaborative approach that often identifies conversion errors from previous system upgrades.

MBS provides the key linkage and process for data conversion by working with the current system business experts and the new target systems experts to ensure that data is properly evaluated, scrubbed and transformed to work in the new target environment. By allowing the core competencies to stay focused on their respective areas, systems transformations achieve a higher success rate.