Content Management Systems (CMS)

Business Challenge:

Stale content on a business website presents a challenge for all modern businesses.  Maintaining updated content is critical for professional presentation as well as gaining and keeping the trust of customers, employees and other constituents.

Technical Challenge:

Unfortunately, the technical nature of creating websites means modifying content is typically an IT function.  Generating and approving content however is often a business function outside of the IT department.  This means to make a simple modification to update content, organizations must engage and coordinate efforts from several departments. 

Content Management Solution:

Content Management Systems solve this dilemma by separating content editing from website creation.  A CMS provides a secure interface for content editors to create, edit and manage content while leaving the technical aspects of website management to the IT department. 

Business benefits from a CMS in the following ways:

  • Increased organizational efficiency: No longer are multiple departments required to update website content
  • Fresh content on the organization website: Old events and announcements can be removed and new ones put in their place, keeping the public face of the organization fresh
  • Collaboration enabled: Removing the IT variable means a business can implement efficient intra-department collaboration for content editing
  • Increased information flow: A CMS reduces the technical friction of content updates making it more likely an organization will produce timely and useful information