Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence enables organizations to accurately and rapidly pull critical business data from the organization to provide business insight in support of business execution.

The Business Challenge:

Decision Support is often is driven by individual Excel spreadsheets or various reports created by multiple applications that may or may not agree regarding their data.

  • Data sources are hard to find
  • The data sources are as varied as the reports
  • Reports are time consuming to generate
  • IT staff requests may be required to gather data
  • The inconsistent data distracts staff from organization decision-making

The Business Intelligence Solution:

MBS follows a proven methodology to define a proper solution for business decision support needs. By identifying a single source of truth for all defined data needed in the decision support model, MBS integrates disparate data sources, eliminates redundant data issues, and creates a single point of access for data analysis and key performance indicator tracking.

We specialize in Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence Tools. Many customers who currently own a SQL Server Database are not aware that the tools are already available to them. There is no need to purchase a Business Intelligence tool and the associated consulting costs of implementation thus reducing total cost of ownership. Further our customers have the ability to leverage the solution with familiar tools such as MS Excel, and SharePoint reducing the cost of training for analyzing data with another solution.

MBS combined business and technical knowledge ensure that our clients achieve the best business value for their business intelligence solution while providing valuable rapid business insight in support of business execution.