Asset Management

MBS’ provides the asset management services to support our client’s asset management software.

Most of our clients’ software provides:

Portal: Access is provided to users based upon their role such as Client Account, DC-Operations, DC-Inventory Management, DC- Billing, DC-Capacity Management, and DC-Migration. An Active Directory is used to control user access.

Asset Tracking Manager (ATM): A management tool that has two components:- a desktop application component that manages the mobile handhelds data synching to the DOMS Repository and a Mobile application (Asset Tracking Mobile) which performs the actual inventory data capture.

Asset Visualization Tool (AVT): A planning tool that creates Visio Rack and Floor representations of the data stored in the DOMS Repository. Various rich Reporting, Search and Export capabilities are made available.

Data Interface: Various utilities to import to and export from other point solutions.

Administration: A rich array of sophisticated programs that can be used to administer the system and the handheld devices.

Collect and verify asset information including:


Floor-mounted devices

Rack-mounted devices

Tables, cabinets, desks, etc. that occupy sellable space

Other devices that take up U-space in a rack

Blade servers (each in a slot within an enclosure)

Passive devices that take up U-space in a rack, such as patch panels and cable management devices

Floor-standing PDUs

Maintain and ensure asset data is current in the system:

Tag and enter new equipment placed on the DC floor

Remove decommissioned equipment from system

Update ongoing changes in equipment locations within the system

List of basic activities:

Collect all rack X /Y grid locations

Place RFID tags on all racks and devices

Identify make and model of all devices

Research power consumption